There is a reason why you should take JAMB, because if you don’t take exam, you not have access to university.

Everybody are making effort to write JAMB and enter into the university, unfortunately some people are still afraid of the exam, while some find it difficult to write because of the processes. You are looking forward for the next exam that is coming in 2024.

There is an opportunity for you to write the exam, because the only thing that is important here is for to make a decision you see yourself coming out with flying colours

Moreover, do not forget to ask questions if you needed to ask.

What JAMB is all about?

First, before I go deep into it, I would like to explain what is meant by JAMB. The acronym of JAMB is joint Admission and Matriculation Board is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities

The joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) was founded in 1978 by a registrar called Prof Ishaq Olarenwaju Oloyede in their headquarters which is Bwari, Abuja because there is a purpose why this exam was created is to be admitted into tertiary institution.

About JAMB

The Joint admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) was established by an Act of 1978, subsequently amended in 1989 and 1993. By the virtue of the Act, the Board is empowered to be responsible for the: general control over the conduct of matriculation examinations into all Universities, Monotechnics, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education; appointment of examiners, moderators, invigilators, members of the subject panels and committees and other persons with respect to matriculation examinations; placement of suitably qualified candidates in the tertiary institutions in collaboration with those institutions.

In furtherance of these functions, the Board conducts a matriculation examination for candidates seeking admissions to tertiary institutions within the country. This examination is known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

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Description of what is JAMB all about

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board and it is also known as UTME means UNIFIED TERTIARY MATRICULATION EXAMINATION Computer-Based Testing, is an examination system used by JAMB to assess the knowledge and skills of candidates seeking admission into Nigerian universities and polytechnics, and colleges of education, because the exam is not hard as you think it is.

You can’t score 400 on the  exam. It doesn’t give scholarship awards to the best students. …

The timer in JAMB CBT is faster than the real-time. It doesn’t use negative markings. You can always come back to questions you skipped.

Eligibility for JAMB

  • Ensure that you can write fast i.e you can type fast before you can write the exam.
  • You must come to the knowledge of the exam
  • You must have your o’level results(wassec).
  • self-confident
  • You must be at least 15 years during the exam year.
  • Must be a registered citizen with your National Identification Number (NIN).
  • Applicants are to present four different institutions of their choices.
  • You must have Personal Email Address (Must be an active email address).
  • You must have JAMB E-pin Registration payment.
  • JAMB Registration Centre, Money and Mobile Phone Number (Must be active).
  • You must have your senior secondary school certificate (sssc).
  • Ensure that you have your National Technical Certificate or the National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC).
  • Teacher grade II certificate.

Tips to pass JAMB Examination

  1. what you have to do; in order to pass this exam is for you to engage yourself in studies.
  2. For you to pass this exam, you must remove anything fear in you.
  3. Ensure that you know how to operate system; before you can write the exam.
  4. You must have your personal times table.
  5. You must have your reading skills.
  6. Start Now. When you start on time to read and practice your notes book, both online lessons.
  7. Register For JAMB Exam Early.
  8. Create a study timetable and Stick to it.
  9. Manage your time effectively.
  10. Use JAMB Past Questions For your Exam Preparation.
  11. Syllabus should be your study companion. Make sure that you have the right syllables, so that you will not be disappointed.
  12. Attend Tutorials both Online and Physical, Trust me, It helps.
  13. Get Recommended Text Books and Materials.
  14. Get Rid of Distraction
  15. Create The Perfect Study Environment.
  16. Identify Your Weakness.
  17. Believe in Yourself.
  18. Care for Your Body and Health
  19. Stay Informed On JAMB News.

If you follow the steps given to you now, you come out with flying colours

remember do not forget to ask questions when you are confused and also you will be issued a scholarship if you pass the exam.

JAMB syllables

This are the available jamb syllables .

Accounts / Principles of Accounts                                      This subject has 18 major topics.

Agricultural Science                  This subject has 48 major topics.

Arabic                                          This subject has 5 major topics.

Arts                                              This subject has 13 major topics.

Biology                                       This subject has 33 major topics.

Chemistry                                  This subject has 18 major topics.

Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies (CRK)                           This subject has 52 major topics.

Commerce                                   This subject has 16 major topics.

Economics                                  This subject has 23 major topics.

English Language                    This subject has 3 major topics.

French                                        This subject has 4 major topics.

Geography                                This subject has 24 major topics.

Government                              This subject has 32 major topics.

Hausa                                         This subject has 16 major topics.

History                                        This subject has 43 major topics.

Home Economics                      This subject has 25 major topics.

Igbo                                            This subject has 14 major topics.

Islamic Religious Knowledge / Studies (IRK)                            This subject has 20 major topics.

Literature                                   This subject has 5 major topics.

Mathematics                             This subject has 23 major topics.

Music                                          This subject has 27 major topics.

Physics                                        This subject has 8 major topics.

Yoruba                                       This subject has 3 major topics.

Conclusion of what is JAMB  all about

In order them to give you admission or to secure Admission, then Prospective candidates for the UTME are to note that for them to secure admissions into tertiary education programme, they have to: attain an appreciable standard of pass in the UTME in the relevant subjects; have credit passes in five relevant subjects in the appropriate WAEC/NECO SSCE/Teachers’ Grade II examination.

The credit/merit passes in question should be attained at not more than two sittings. Normally, credit passes Mathematics and English Language are required for all tertiary education courses except where it is stated other wise. In addition to the general entry requirements specified above, candidates must meet any other specific entry.

Candidates are therefore advised to consult the appropriate sections of the UTME/DE brochure for information about the specific entry requirements for different programmes. It is also important to note that admissions are subject to general guidelines enunciated from time to time by the proprietors of higher educational institutions. Such guidelines may set out admissions quotas or implementation principles which the Board and the institutions are expected to uphold.

I encourage you to seat up if you want to pass this exam and also desist from malpractice.


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