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WAEC VS NECO: which one is easier

WAEC and NECO is an external exam made for students to empower or build them up, so that they can get more knowledge.

First and foremost, WAEC is a body that conducts exam to students.

WAEC ( west African Examination Council), it was formed in 1952. Their aim is to be a world class examining body, adding value to the educational goal of it’s stakeholders.

Today, WAEC holds a great deal of significance with regards to West African primary and secondary education. It has outlasted the General Certificate of Education Ordinary and Advanced levels (O and A Level) systems in Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leonne. Although each country also offers technical, vocational, and teaching credentials at the end of secondary education, WAEC provides the examinations that are necessary to apply to colleges and universities both at home and abroad.

WAEC is mostly recognize in both within and outside the country compared to NECO Certificate. O’level graduates who have obtained the WAEC certificate can make use of that to seek admission and scholarship to study abroad.

While, NECO ( National Examination Council), it was formed on April, 1999 24 years ago , conducted by the senior secondary certificate Examination (SSCE). It was created by the formal Head of the state Abdulsalami Abubakar in April 1999. It was the first organization offer subsidized registration to academic candidates in Nigeria. NECO was mandated to take over the responsibilities of the National Board of Education Measurement (NBEM). Its maiden examination took place in mid-2000.

NECO was created to tackle the problem of delay in the release of WAEC results, which often affect students admission to higher level.

Is NECO more easier than WAEC

NECO is easier than WAEC, reason been that NECO question is more simple and of direct question WAEC.

Moreover, the truth is that there is definitive answer to this question, whether WAEC vs NECO is easier to get. This will ultimately depends on a student level of preparation, understanding of the subject and exam techniques. Here are a few tips to help you Excel in either exam.

  1. Understanding the Syllabus: Many students always fail to understand the Syllabus; by understanding the Syllabus you will know to organize yourself and prepare for the exam and the techniques. The syllabus serves as a guide for your study and helps you know what to expect in the exams.
  2. Study past question: some students don’t use to study past question paper, Past questions can help you understand the pattern of questions and how to answer them effectively.
  3. Attend classes frequently: By attending frequently will help you gain more knowledge than those of them that don’t attend classes. It will also Open your eyes the more. Regular class attendance helps reinforce what you’ve learned and can aid in better understanding complex topics.
  4. Get adequate rest: Ensure you get enough rest before your exams. Studying all night might leave you exhausted and less able to concentrate during your exams.

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Importance of NECO

  • With this NECO Certificate, you can apply for higher education or for a job.
  • It helps to save cost.
  • It also helps you to achieve your O’level certificate.
  • It enables you to graduate from senior secondary school with a certificate.

NECO question can be passed easily if only you study your notes, because the pressure of your failing is rare.

Importance of WAEC

The West African Examinations Council is West Africa’s foremost examining board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities.

Advantages of WAEC over NECO

  • WAEC are more recognized internationally and within the country, but NECO is limited here in Nigeria only.
  • It provides candidates with the infrastructure needs to write their exams.
  • WAEC results are been used to apply some scholarships in abroad where as your NECO results are likely to be declined.

Disadvantages of WAEC

  1. Registration fees are so costly than NECO.
  2. The WAEC security is like where a criminal is been chased by military force.
  3. There is more pressure on the candidates.
  4. There is much of WAEC results failure and withheld results.

Disadvantages of NECO

  • NECO exam question is less difficult than WAEC question.
  • NECO don’t provide candidates with the proper infrastructure needs to write the exam.
  • NECO is mainly organized in times of security and supervisor.
  • You cannot use your NECO Certificate to study in any of the country except Nigeria, when applying for universities admission.


In conclusion, the perceived difficulty or ease of passing WAEC vs NECO exams largely depends on individual preparation and understanding. Instead of you to focus on your studies so that you pass, it will be more benefits to you if you focus on how to prepare your exam.



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