Do want to know why some students fail their exams. There are many reasons students fail their exams, that’s why solution must be given so that students will stop failing their exams. It is a great dishonour if a person fail his or her exam; because your parents will be discouraged.

10 reasons why students fail their exams

  1. Illiteracy: This is when a student is unable to read and write. When a person cannot be able to write or even pronounce a word, how can such person pass his or her exam. It is so because he or she don’t care for his book.
  2. Laziness: when a student cannot be able to go through his or her books, everytime he is busy doing nonsense, how do you feel that such person will make his exam. Some even find it difficult to attend classes, you will find it hard to get up to do important things like reading the notes given by the teacher, doing assignments and carrying out some research to expand your knowledge about that particular subject.
  3. Ignorance: ignorance is another thing that affect many students, some students are living I don’t care life, how much do think that a person such life is going to be.
  4. PROCRASTINATION AND LACK OF TIME MANAGEMENT: This is major in many students life procrastination, if you want read at the same time you tired immediately you will postpone it till tomorrow reaching tomorrow you will still do the same thing. Most lecturers know it when you rush your project or essay. If you have the habit of waiting until the dying minute to complete your assignments, you will always end up with little or no quality.
  5. OVERCONFIDENCE: Due to lack of concentration, you think that you can write everything without reading or look at anywhere. You believe in Yourself that you can do it, how do you mean that such person can make it. As much as confidence is good, a student must be very careful not to cross the thin line from confidence to overconfidence.
  6. Bad reading habits: If you don’t know how to study or what works for you, it’s simply because you haven’t taken sufficient time to study yourself and your capacity. Some students read at wrong times and in the wrong way.
  7. Lack of concentration: Due to lack of concentration, especially when teacher is teaching in the class, everytime you be distracted by one thing or the other.
  8. Lack of interest: Not showing interest in your books; will prevent you from making your exam. There is absolutely no way a student who lacks interest in a particular course will pass the examinations.
  9. A wrong mindset: It’s what you make up your mind to do or believe in that will work for you. If a student has a mindset of always failing, there is almost no way he will succeed in that examination. Why? He has given up before writing it. This also works for a person who has the mindset of success, no matter how hard a course is, he will pass the examination.
  10. Peer group: Peer group is another distraction all together, following a bad friend will make you, you not focus on your books. Friends can either make or mar you. This has been proved from time to time and remains relevant. The kind of company you keep will, in a way, affect the way you value your academics.
  11. Inability to read widely: Many students have a problem with reading further. They prefer to stick to what the lecturer gives to them as notes. However, the teacher’s notes are not sufficient for outstanding excellence. If you rely so much on your lecturer’s notes, without moving further to know more, you might be stuck during exams.
  13. Most students prefer to read for examination purpose only and not for the sake of knowledge.
  15. Support systems are important factors for succeeding in every aspect of life. Most students don’t have anyone to look up to for guidance with respect to their academics.
  16. Lack of better preparation before the exam.
  17. Lack of understanding
  18. Lack of studying habits or strategies.
  19. Lack of Perseverance
  20. Lack of revision skills

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The solution of what causes failure to students

  1. Get up and do the needful at the right time before it is too late for you
  2. Plan your time effectively well. Do the needful on time by doing your assignment early, read much as you can, write your essay, take your own knowledge and combine with the one your teacher taught you in the class.
  3. Ensure that you select the best kind of friends that you spent time with. The kind of friend that will give you values and progress in your life, the friend that will motivate or influence you to follow the right way.
  4. Have an incredible mindset that believe that you can do it, no matter what the circumstances that is around you or whatever it may take for to get what you want.
  5. Ensure that you have understanding of what is been taught in the class. When you don’t have an indepth understanding of what is been taught, you can go back to your teacher, classmate or the senior to more explanation.
  6. It is your obligations that study your notes, study how your body system works and read accordingly, discipline is needed. While others are sleeping you yourself is reading.
  7. Have one focus, take your studies as serious as you do to other subjects. Try to know if you can develop interest in something is a thing of the mind.
  8. If you are overconfident, take time to relearn whatever you know or might have known before or if have low – esteem, try to believe in Yourself that you can understand that been taught to you.
  9. Avoid claiming that you know everything, by doing so it will fail you.
  10. Take your past question paper and start studying, go through it and try if you can relate it with text book.

Conclusion of the reasons why students fail their exams

See also another one is examination malpractice. Many students depends on examination malpractice, because there is zeal to read again. students who fail to read and depend on examination malpractice to pass their exam tends to fail when they are unable to carry out their malpractice plans or cheat in the exam.


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