Do you want to know the kind of people people should never be friend with.

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Actually, you suppose to know the type of people you choose as your friend, people are classified. They’re responsible ones and irresponsible ones.

The categories of people we have, the responsible ones and the irresponsible ones.

The responsible ones gives you what you want in life and however help to succeed in life while those who are not eligible to be your friend (i.e. irresponsible ones) will make your life unbearable for you, they will make sure that tarnish your image, even if you a good person they will make people see as a bad person.

An adage says, show me your friend and I will show whom you are.

These are the categories of people we have. They include:

  • Unsupportive one’s: These are people that not helpful to anyone, they are so selfish to the extent that They can allow you die if you need a help from them. Such people are not good for friend.
  • Unsatisfied one’s: These are the Caliber’s of people that are not contented of what they have, instead they can kill you so that they can take your possession. Such type are not good for friend.
  • Unequal one’s: These are type that not trust worthy, people that are truthful of themselves (i.e corny people).
  • Avoid friend that are used drugs; especially, drug dealers. However, friend that is interested in smoking; such person is not worthy to be a friend.
  • Separate from a friend who is good at cheating his or her fellow friend.
  • Avoid friend that is not interested to add value in your life.
  • The Gossip

Don’t tell anyone, but The next morning, you’ve got an inbox full of people hounding you about the secret that your friend swore to uphold. Does this sound familiar? If so, then you might have unfortunately befriended The Gossip. Uncomfortable with vulnerability, this type of friend is constantly breaking your confidentiality.

  • Those who always talks about themselves       Keeping a balance in relationships can be considered impossible so accepting that some things will be unfair in friendships is very common. However, do you feel like your conversations with your friend always end up being about them? Even when you talk to them about a problem that you’re having, they turn it around so that the conversation ends up being about them, such people are not good for friend.
  • Avoid peer group and discouragers.
  • Avoid friend that is interested or always talk about opposite sex.

The kinds of people you should be friend with

  1. You should relate with people that is interested in adding value in their life and life of others.
  2. You should relate with people that gives you guideline on what is good, people that chastise you.
  3. Associate with those that is hard working in both academically and physically.
  4. You should relate with those who is straight forward in anything they do.
  5. Group friends:                         Group friends are the people who you share a friend group with. You may see and talk to them regularly as part of the friend group, though you might not necessarily spend time with them one-on-one. You might like some of these friends more or less than others, and some you probably wouldn’t be friends with if it weren’t for the group. Nonetheless, they’re key to your social circle, and you’re always friendly with each other when together.
  6. You should relate with those that are social to others; i.e funny people. This is the friend that always lightens your mood when you are tense.
  7. The Listener.                              Being a good listener can foster any relationship. Good listeners are hard to come by, and having friends who are good listeners can mean everything. When you have a lot of things on your mind, you just need someone who knows how to listen to you. Most of the time, all you may need is someone who will pay all their attention, hear you without any distractions, and without passing judgment.

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Importance of having a good friend

  • They help you to solve your difficulties.
  • They also improve your knowledge.
  • They can also help you to celebrate your good time.
  • They provide maximum support during hardship.
  • They prevent isolation and loneliness; and give you chance to offer needed championship.
  • They increases happiness.
  • They enrich to your goal.

Disadvantages of having a bad friend

  1. They always make you feel so dishonour.
  2. The will make you to lose everything that you have got in life.
  3. They promote sadness.
  4. Being with a bad friend will lead you to do, what you don’t want to do.
  5. You might become easily influenced by that bad friend.
  6. They can lead to mental and emotional fatigue or lack of general well being.
  7. Some friends are toxic and stressful.


In conclusion, being with a friend that is good, will do a lot in your life. Friendships make life more meaningful and are good for your health. Great friends offer emotional support and make you feel loved and connected. These experiences are critical to your mental health and social wellbeing, which is why it’s so important to choose your friends wisely and treat them well.



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