Do you want to know if IJMB ( interim joint Matriculation board) difficult. Ijmb is as difficult as WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GCE, but it is easy to pass if the prepares him or her before the examination period. If you want to be successful in your IJMB – interim joint Matriculation board. IJMB is a difficult curriculum for all students, independent of their subject of study, so the answer is not simple. The only way to escape all this exam is preparing yourself ahead of time. However, any average student can make excellent grades in the IJMB program. It is even easier to have ijmb than other ordinary level examination. This is the fact that due to students are required to enroll for 9 subjects, candidates for the IJMB Examination are required to enroll for only 3 subjects relevant to the proposed course of study in University. It requires admission grade up to 8-15 point.

Is IJMB examination Difficult

IJMB (|or IJMBE) is Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. They are the body in charge of direct entrance admission programs and also the federal Government- certified examination body in charge of administrating and processing. IJMB is just like the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) which the body has certified the IJMB curriculum as one of the countries most redoubtable A’ level programs. It was established in 1976 by the Interim Common Services Agency (ICSA), and is moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Can some students still fail

The answer is yes!, reason been that, if you was unable to study and understand his or her text, if you fail to perform your duty as a student, that means you are knocking on the door of failure.

From Grade A – E are considered as pass grades while grade ‘F’ is a fail grade.The total grade point for a candidate is the cumulative total for the three A-level subjects attempted. Candidates are entitled to bonus of one point, if they pass all the three A-level subjects with at least an ‘E’ grade. It is better than JAMB, reason been that it aid in securing admission into 200 level in the university.


The IJMB Examination grading system (A-level subjects)

70 – above    A      5     Excellent

60-69             B       4     Very Good

50 – 59           C       3         Good

45 -49            D       2         Merit

40-44             E        1         Pass

0- 39              F        0          Fail

What causes failure

  • Inadequate preparation causes failure. If you are unable to study and get prepared well ahead of you may probably fail your exam.
  • Over confidence: This one of the vital reason why student fail IJMB Examination. Most students see examination to be more of a normal assessment test, they feel research is irrelevant and they could pass the exam with their old knowledge which practically fails them in the exam hall.
  • Lack of qualified teachers and lecturers. If a students don’t have qualified teachers and lecturers is bound to fail. Non Accredited IJMB Centres often employ under qualified lecturers and this makes the management of the respective centre go for less qualified lecturers, who ends up passing the wrong lectures to the student due to these facts most of the student fail the exams because they are not well equipped to face the task ahead.
  • Lack of good material (text books). There’s a failure, if you fail to have the recommended text books.
  • Lack of understanding: if a student fail to understand an article of a text without meeting the teacher for more clearance is bound to fail.
  • Environmental Anomaly: Environment affects the outcome of the success of the student when not given adequate attention. Some exam centers do not have standard facilities (i.e. having faulty chairs and desks and so on) which are also less than the number of students in the hall.

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Advantages of IJMB

  1. The result does not expire.
  2. It has well defined syllabus which prepares candidates adequately.
  3. It enroll you direct entry into 200l in the university.
  4. It saves time and cost: The curriculum lasts only one year, and upon completion, students can gain admission into any Nigerian institution of their choice at the 200 level, saving them two years of study at the pre-degree or JAMB level.
  5. High acceptance rates. IJMB has a good acceptance rate among Nigerian universities, which suggests that students who complete the program and meet the requirements would have no difficulty gaining admission to their preferred university.
  6. Enables Students to Choose Their Preferred Course: IJMB allows students to select their favorite course and get entrance to the 200 level, which JAMB and pre-degree programs do not allow. This is due to the fact that IJMB offers a diverse choice of disciplines, and students can select the mix of subjects required for their preferred course.
  7. No discrimination of courses.
  8. It was designed for most Nigerian universities.
  9. IJMB complements any 0’level result if there is a deficiency in it.
  10. The average student becoming an excellent student after the 9-month program.

Disadvantages of IJMB

  • Tuition is a bit overboard. With the economic situation in Nigeria, IJMB fees are quite expensive. I’m not talking about only the registration fee.
  • Too many fake centers: Due to many exam centers, they are a lot of fake centers. Just like there are unaccredited JAMB registration centers, there are fake IJMB registration centers.
  • Not for the weak       Suppose you plan on studying a low-competition course like those under the faculties of education, agriculture, languages, and whatnot. In that case, you have a better chance of getting into uni with IJMB.
  • Not recognized or accepted by most universities            It may interest you that most prestigious universities don’t accept IJMB for admission into 200 level.
  • No certificate            Imagine after spending months grinding to pass the exam, and at the end of the day, you are not given any certification.

If IJMB examination is difficult that means nobody can able to purchase the exam, unless a students study their books IJMB is not hard to write.  is IJMB examination difficult as WAEC, NECO, etc, it is hard if only you don’t study.



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