English is a subject of it’s own which we practice everyday, are you a way forward to pass your English exam and come out with a flying colours, the guidelines are going to be shown to you while you’re reading it. English is not a day study were you just wake up and said that you know English, you must go through it. For you to know English you must know the terms and conditions on it (i.e) a way forward to pass the fourth coming exam 2024.

How to pass English

The name English is gotten from the land called England.

English is an indo- European language belonging to the west Germanic branch; the official language of Britain and United States and most of the Commonwealth countries.

Description of English language

Remember, English language is not automatic, it is not something that you can stand up and said that you known it or you can solve any problem that comes out from that place.

English is an indo- European language belonging to the west Germanic group; it comes from two states and most of the Commonwealth countries such as Britain and United States etc.

Modern English later on widely considered to be lingua franca of the world. As time goes on it was made as a general language by the people of American and British. Fortunately some other countries adopted the language and is a general language. the standard language in a wide variety of fields, including computer coding, international business, and higher education. English is native to United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and other locations in the English-speaking world.

English was early forms proto- Indo European Germanic > old English > middle English > early modern English,  as Well as recognized minority language in Malaysia Sri Lanka.

Signed forms: Manually coded English; (multiple systems)

Speakers: L1: 380 million (2023); L2: 1.077 billion (2023); Total: 1.457 billion

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Importance of English language

Theses are the importance of English language. They are as follows:

  • It improves our vocabulary
  • It improves our knowledge skills
  • It helps us to the meaning of some words
  • It helps to where are put the right words, because some people don’t know where to put the right words; such as nouns, verb adjective etc
  • It enables to understand others; for instance, an igbo man cannot hear an Hausa man but with the help of English we interact with each other.
  • It gives you an open door to the world and helps you communicate with global citizens.
  • It is important because it is a world language.
  • It is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism.
  • It socialize us.
  • It enables us to think analytically i.e wisely.

Reasons for studying English language

  1. It enables us to meet  with the new people.                This means that English is the official language which is known with 53 countries and is used as a lingua franca by people from all round the world. This means that wherever you live or whether you travel you can speak with people.
  2. It can also help you to get a job opportunity easily. This is another way in which English help you to get job. English has lifted  some people a height or level that you will never expect. English is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad.
  3. English is a global language.  English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English!
  4. Many scientific papers are written in English.                    the last century, the number of scientific papers written in English has started to outweigh the number of papers written in the native language of the researcher. In the Netherlands, for example, the ratio is a surprising 40 to 1. For this reason, having a knowledge of English is incredibly important to those working in the scientific field.
  5. English is the language of the media industry.
  6. English is the language of the Internet.
  7. Travelling is a lot easier with a good knowledge of English
  8. English is one of the most important languages for business
  9. With English, you can study all over the world                    the studying of English can make us to study in any school of your choice and country. If you speak good academic English, there’re lots of opportunities for you to find an appropriate school and course to suit your needs. Find out about going to university in an English speaking country.
  10. English gives you access to multiple cultures

English also help us to understand our various culture and give us access to it. Few experiences will make you grow as a person more than learning the values, habits and way of life in a culture that is different from yours.

Eligibility to English


  • An ability, characteristic, or experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or activity.
  • sense of humour. This means that a person’s ability to perceive humour or appreciate a joke.Someone who has a sense of humour often finds things amusing, rather than being serious all the time.
  • Postgraduate study.
  • Certificate. …
  • Bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree is the lowest level of degree at a university and normally requires at least 3 years of full-time study.
  • Diploma. A diploma is completed at a tertiary level and normally requires 2 years of full-time study.

Tips to pass English language

  • Always practice your work after studies
  • Always make researches, to find new words.
  • Ensure that you read from your text books.
  • Scribble down a new word every day. …
  • Challenge your ears by listening to podcasts. …
  • Develop your studying skills
  • Immerse Yourself in the Language.
  • Always study the Meaning of Questions. …
  • Learn Spelling Patterns.
  • Learn How to Pronounce Words.
  • Learn your Stock Phrases.
  • You must Make a List of Vocabulary.
  • You must also study through online.
  • Always encourage yourself and others to read widely.

How can I get an A in English?

  1. Answer the Task Appropriately.
  2. 7 Rules For Achieving An “A” Grade In Englis
  3. Go Beyond The Task.
  4. Make Sure You’re Organised.
  5. Always Work With Your Teacher.

In conclusion, try to follow up the above instructions given to you, then you can be able to get ‘A’s in English exam.


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