Are you looking for a solution to pass the fourth coming chemistry examination in 2024,and for you to succeed understand that anything we do involves chemistry even the food you eat involve chemistry. Many people get worried if anything chemistry is mentioned to them, for chemistry to master you, you must be experimental (i.e. you must do the experiment for you to know anything about chemistry.


Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of composition, structure, and transformation of matter. It undergoes as a consequence of alterations in the constitution of the molecules. Chemistry is sometimes called “central science” because it bridges physics with other natural sciences, such as geology and biology. Chemistry has studied everything about life properties even the space. There was a man called Aristotle who defined the four elements which include fire, air, earth, and water. It was not until 17th and 18th centuries when scientist such as Robert Boyle (1627-1691) and Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) began to reshape the old alchemical tradition into a rigorous scientific discipline. The man named Antoine – Laurent de Lavoisier was recommended as the father of modern chemistry for his works on the principle of conservation of mass and for developing a new system of chemical nomenclature. As one of the natural science, chemistry provides scientist with insight into other physical sciences and powerful analytical tools for engineering applications.
There are different branches of chemistry which emphasize subsets of chemical concepts. These includes the following
1. Analytical chemistry: These are branch of science that involve in the separation, identification and qualification of matter. For instance, in forensics, drug are often found in various colored powder s and analyzed to determine their content. In this concept of analytical chemistry, there are different types of analytical chemistry which include the following- Spectroscopy, acid-base method, potentiometry and chromatography.
2. Biochemistry: This deals with the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. It also deals with the study of chemical substance and vital processes occurring in live Organism (such as DNA and proteins).
3. Inorganic chemistry: It deals with the study of substance that does not contain carbon, hydrogen bond.
4. Organic chemistry: This deals with the study of structure properties and reactions of organic compound and organic material.
5. Physical chemistry: It deals with the study of physical properties of chemical.
6. Biophysical chemistry: This is the application of physical chemistry in a biological context or system.
7. Medicinal chemistry: These deals with the study of physiologically active compounds such as aspirin, chloroquine and so on.
8. Industrial chemistry: It deals with the application chemistry in industries and environment chemistry which investigate the possible adverse effects of chemistry on the environment.
The study of chemistry helps us to obtain more knowledge and skills about life, matter, structures, and properties. It involves so many experimental sciences which we learn to observe, record many things to make references. Hence chemistry has contributed greatly towards providing our needs and improving the quality of life.
Chemistry in our life
1. Cooking: Hence, this undergoes chemical processes in which you kill bacteria and microorganisms when cooking your food.
2. Lighting of match: This undergoes a chemical decomposition of potassium chlorate (KClO3) to give oxygen and potassium chloride (KCl).
3. Burning of firewood: The burning of firewood undergoes certain chemical changes as it leads to the formation of new substance like carbon dioxide gas (CO₂), water vapour, ash etc.
4. Rusting nails: This undergoes certain process by going chemical change which happens in several steps in the electrons from the iron atom are transferred to oxygen atom, resulting in the formation of a new compound, iron oxide.
5. Oil and margarine: Oil is any nonpolar chemical substance that is composed primarily of hydrocarbons and is hydrophobic and lipophilic. The margarine is butter – like spread that many consumers used on a daily basis which is derived from vegetable oil.
6. Manufacturing of drugs: The manufacturing of drugs undergoes a certain process of industrial scale creation of pharmaceutical drugs by pharmaceutical companies, which have two main types of manufacturing drugs that include chemical synthesis which based on chemical reaction and bioprocessing which based on the ability of microorganism and cells to produce useful substance. And also we still have other chemistry in our lives which include hair cream and perfume, soap and detergents, making of palm wine, plastic are made of chemical process.
Scientific observation method
The observations on the scientific method include from other field science have developed through a series of discoveries and use their sense to observe what is happening around them or in environment. Through what they observed they see a certain pattern which will often lead them to a problem and they will try to solve it. The scientific people have carried out their appropriate experiments which lead them to give reasonable explanation called hypothesis. They carefully record their observation and results of their experiments. If the experiment supports hypothesis they carry out further investigations and they will continuously carrying out a particular and when it seems correct within the limits of available evidence, then it becomes a theory.
The study of chemistry has contributed a lot in our life by improving and providing our basic needs. These include:
1. Food: The use of fertilizer (by adding fertilizer it increases the yield of food), pesticides (by adding pesticide it kills some pest that want to destroy the food), insecticide (by adding insecticide it also kills the insect that want to destroy the food) through the help of pesticide and insecticide it kills the pest or insects that want damage our food, and with fertilizer it increase our productivity.
2. Clothing: Chemistry has contributed in the provision of cloth. Chemistry has made it easier for us by providing cloth in order to stop wearing animal skin through the intensive chemical research, man – made textile fibers are produced. the provision of cloth has done us more good in our body by covering our nakedness well, by protecting us from ultraviolent ray (i.e. from sun shine UV- ray).
3. Military: The duty of the military is to defend the territorial integrity of a nation or state. The military deals with protection of life and properties of people.
4. Space science: The scientists has made it possible for people to travel in the space and also gain more knowledge of the other planets and the outer space around us, special rockets called space – rockets are sent into the space on 4, October 1957 by the Russian scientist. Then in July, 1969, Apolio II Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on the moon. All these things are done with the help scientific experiences.                                                                   5. Housing: In this other, the scientist has made it possible for us so that we can construct our house with building materials like cement, concrete, steel, bricks, and tiles which are produced by chemical industries.
6. Medicine: Many would have died if the help of scientist by producing drugs so people can enjoy their life because health is wealth (if you are healthy you can make wealth).
7. Transportation: Modern transportation system is an essential feature of today’s world. This development from carts pulled by animals to the latest air – craft was made possible by chemicals producing suitable fuels and structural material like alloys, which are light, strong and heat resistant.
1. The reactions that occur during breathing is chemistry.
2. It enables us to know the value of things like food, cloth, life, properties, etc.
3. Chemistry enable many disease to be cured for instance, blood glucose levels, blood cholesterol levels can be easily cured.
4. It helps us to cook through chemical processes which enable you to kill bacteria and microorganisms in the food.
5. It enrich our basic needs such as food, shelter, health, energy and clean air, water and soil.
6. It enables our digestion to take place because even the body is made of chemical and also everything we do is chemistry.
7. It solves our problems in health and energy.
8. It makes us to obtain more knowledge about life, structure and properties.
9. It enable in manufacturing of drugs.
10. With the help of chemistry it enables us so as to detect the nutrient of a particular food.
1. Corrosion of iron: These involves when the iron was exposed to oxygen (air) in the presence of water (H₂O), which create a red iron oxide(Fe₂O₃) other wise known as rusting and these lead to the destruction of metallic object.                                                                                         2. Pollution: These occurs with the contamination of our environment with chemicals that are not found there naturally, with that can pollute the air through oil spillage, carbon (II) oxide (CO), Dust and so on.
3. Drug Abuse: These are the misuse of drug that a man take which is capable making the person drug addict or damaging the immune system of that person. Drug that abuse are heroin, cocaine, and morphine.
Agricultural scientist: The agricultural scientist conduct, research and experiments to improve the the productivity and the sustainability of field crops and farm animals. They are responsible for the increment of the amount food and farm animal.
Civil service science officer: They are the ministry that deals with information, environment, justice, trade and investment
Environmental health officer: These otherwise known as public health inspector, they are the scientific agency that is responsible of protecting the public health, including the administrating and legislation related to environmental health so as to minimize the issue of risking life or endangering the life of people.
Information scientist: They are the agency that is responsible for acquisition and distribution of information within an organization. The scientist has made it easier for us to communicate with each other without going about looking for a way to give a piece of information to a particular person or an organization.
Material scientist: This are those people that studies and take part in material things such as chemical properties and structure of different man made and natural material, such cement, glass, ceramic, polymers, plastic and rubbers, metals and alloy are studied in order to gain more knowledge.
Research scientist: They are responsible of conducting various laboratory experiment, in showing their experiences in different field of studies, including biology, computer science, chemistry, medicine, political science. Through that experiment they design and analyzing information from the laboratory.
Sports scientist: They are the one that studied on the body function, through exercise and use it to help to improve sporting performance. By this exercise you more stronger that before and you be physically fitted. However, by exercising your body you remove any waste material that will cause you illness to your body.


  • 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), equivalent, to English, Mathematics, Science course
  • 2 or 3 A’ level, or equivalent to chemistry
  • A degree in a relevant subject for postgraduate study.


  • Understand the basic, by understanding the content of the topic that you are reading, you will succeed in your exam. moreover, through that you ask question where necessary because if such thing is not done that means the person will being frustrated in his education.
  • Ensure that you spent time in studying
  • Ensure that you are familiar with chemistry
  • Always participate on practical’s
  • Space out the work
  • Always read before lecture
  • For  you to achieve your aim always focus on main target
  • Learn essential information including reaction
  • Always give yourself question and answer
  • Always organize yourself


If you want to scare through in this course you must the instructions above the text

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