Are you looking for a chance to know which one is better between education and Skills Both of them are very important in the life of a person. It gives us much benefit and values in our life. Some people are contemplating within themselves to know, if they will go for as skills or go for education and it has been a bordering to them, here you the value of both of them.

Education and skills: which one is better

Before I go on, I will first explain the meaning of Education.

Education: is a knowledge acquired during learning and instructions. Education is an eye opener that opens your eyes to know what you don’t know before. It also transforms a man from illiterate to literate person.

Remember, without education, you will be like a stagnant water; because you can’t interact with other people, even when you are doing a business you can’t interact with the person that come to buy from you.

While, without skills you can’t afford to pay your school fee’s and do other things. So both of them are very important to us.

Skills are developed through life and work experiences and they can also be learned through study. For you to be active in your business, you need to be educated and for you to be active in your education, you need some skills that will help you achieve your aim.

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Importance of Education

  • Education gives knowledge.
  • It also enlighten your eyes.
  • It transforms you from nothing to something.
  • Education empowers you.
  • Education helps a person hone their communication skills by learning how to read, write, speak and listen.
  • It develop thinking faculty
  • It provides directions.
  • It enables financial stability.
  • It create confidence.
  • Law and order
  • It helps to exterminate poverty and hunger.
  • It gives room to better lives.
  • It build more open- minded so they can accept different views and opinions.
  • It makes people more tolerance of others.
  • It helps to build career and personal growth.

Importance of skills learning

  1. Skills make someone social.
  2. It leads to personal and professional growth.
  3. It brings long- sought after goal within reach.
  4. It brings oneself confidence.
  5. Raising job satisfaction and improves one’s adaptability.
  6. It helps you to be perfect in a specific area.
  7. It brings good relationship between  an employer and employee, business owner and apprentice.
  8. It helps people to get a better paid job.
  9. It makes you to be self dependents.
  10. Skill-based learning improves employability and helps the youth earn more knowledge and income

Tips to be educated or learn skills

  • One of tips is obey the rules and regulations guiding the place.
  • Avoid bad friends
  • Always listen attentively in order to grab what the master said.
  • Have your jotting note….
  • Be humble and honest to each other.
  • Have target of what you are going to learn.
  • Break down your skill set….
  • Identify potential barriers.
  • Have concentration on your work at a time.
  • Prioritize personal development.
  • Find the opportunity to practice.
  • Attend conferences, seminars, talks, etc.
  • Audit college level subjects. That means, no exams, just all pure learning.
  • Join a course or college to get a degree or few certificates at least.
  • Associate yourself with educated people, groups, discussions.
  • Avoid puffing up shoulder.
  • Have your personal dictionary.
  • Bring out little information in specific text.

Effect of been educated and learning skills

  • Education can increase ‘learned effectiveness,’ including cognitive ability, self-control, and problem solving.
  • It leads to economic prosperity in a global market place.
  • It increases your confidence.
  • Self- esteem
  • Competence.
  • They can also reduce anxiety about tests and deadline.

Advantages of Education

  • Education is a powerful agents that transforms.
  • It helps to improve health and livelihood.
  • It contribute to social stability and drives long- term economic growth.
  • It is also a step to success.
  • aids in building a better society for the citizens of a country.
  • It helps to destroy the darkness of ignorance and bring light to the world.
  •  Creating more employment opportunities.
  • It lead to career advancement.
  • It secure better income.
  • It gives better thinking.
  • It helps one to communicate with other people, write, read and speak.

Disadvantages of Education

  1. Lack of an appropriate timetable or schedule.
  2. Unpredictable outcomes that only waste time.
  3. Lack of trust
  4. Lack of excellent, habits, attitude, and discipline.
  5. Limited flexibility.
  6. Technical problem.
  7. Lack of concentration…
  8. Lack of understanding…

Advantages of skills learning

  • It keeps you healthy and safe. This means that, it will make your body look brighter and make you so that you will not sustain any injury.
  • It gives motivation.
  • It gives you confidence that you will succeed.
  • It can be a benefit to you and others.
  • It can your poverty.
  • It can boost your business.
  • It helps to you to be flexible.
  • Skill learning advanced you to your career.
  • It helps you get new knowledge.
  • It will increase your learning factor.
  • It brings personal growth and development.

Disadvantages of skills learning

  • It may create division between those that have the skill and those that don’t have.
  • Lack of skill reduce employment opportunity and income potential.
  • Overwhelm : If you too busy with work and you don’t the time to look on other things, it leads to the disadvantages of skill learning.
  • Time- constraints: This refers to the project’s schedule for completion
  • It may require significant time, effort, and resources.

Finally, doing both of them is not bad rather, it add more value and also give you comfort.

Without education you can’t do business with other people, without skill you can’t further your education, both are needed in your life.


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