There’s a huge differences and similarities between public schools and private schools. Public schools depends on local, state and federal funds. While private schools depends or usually gain support from tuition with some funds.

Differences between public schools and private schools

The difference between public schools and private schools is that, public schools follows the standardized curriculum set by local, state and federal government. Public schools tend to have larger class room. public schools require state certifications for teachers. In public schools teachers depends government for their salaries. Public schools provide accessible education at a more affordable cost or attend for free. Because of overcrowded pupils or students in the classroom, teachers find it so hard to give they want or provides individual attention.

While, private schools may prioritize advanced degrees in the subject matter. They may accept teacher certification from other educational administration outside of state certification. Private schools are independent of themselves or from the interference of the public. They also depends on the parents for their salaries, is out of the school fee’s paid by the parents. Private schools provides accessible education at a higher fee. Because of less crowd in the classroom teachers find it easy to give them individual attention and give them educational quality.

In Nigeria, the education system faces numerous challenges, resulting in a significant number of children being denied access to quality education.

The similarities between public schools and private schools

Both public schools and private schools set teachers qualification in education degrees, experience, certification, and background checks. Both has their advantages. Both schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes and honor classes to help further student’s education. Even so, I believe private schools offer a higher level of education than public schools.

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Importance of public schools

  • They provide free Education to pupils and students.

Importance of private schools

  1. It provides students with good quality education.
  2. They contributed significantly to the development of the country.
  3. They give the students what they need.
  4. It create opportunities and contributed to the growth of Nigerian economy.
  5. Both students and teachers are able to form closer relationships in a small classroom.
  6. It enables teacher to know each students more better.

Advantages of public schools

  • They have more equipment to offer more academic classes and course.
  • They have qualified teachers than the private schools.
  • They offer free Education to pupils and students.
  • Parents involvement are strong.
  • Accountability. public schools are held accountable by the state for their academic performance.
  • Service. By law, public schools are also required to provide certain services to students. Some, such as transportation to and from school, are offered to all the students. Others, such as reduced-price lunches and academic assistance, are provided to students who qualify. Because the services are required, public schools have a staff of special education teachers and learning specialists at the parents’ and students’ disposal.
  • They are heavily regulated.

Advantages of private schools

  1. They give academic excellent than the public schools.
  2. The teachers pay’s attention to their students.
  3. They offer the advantage of enriched academic opportunities, smaller class sizes, parental involvement, dedicated teachers, a safe environment.
  4. They give better discipline than the public schools.
  5. They lay a good foundation for the students.
  6. Teacher and students develop close relationship, which gives the students intelligent.
  7. Safe learning environment.
  8. Parental involvement.
  9. They will still be a love of learning in the students.
  10. It offer Differentiated Learning to Effectively Challenge Each Student.

Disadvantages of public schools

  • They have over populated students. Some students attend public schools because they are free for students to attend. Due to the amount of students enrolled in public schools each year, classroom sizes on average tend to be much higher in public schools than private schools.
  • They have less parental involvement. public schools see less parental involvement in their child’s education and with the school in general.
  • They have Fewer Extracurricular Activities. While this is not true for all private schools, some private schools have more extracurricular activities, clubs and sports teams for students to choose from than public schools do.
  • They have less access to resources. Public schools face funding shortages that can impact the school’s ability to access important and relevant school resources that kids need.
  • There’s is no discipline in the students life.
  • They have frequent testing.

Disadvantages of private schools

  1. Private school is permanently shut down.
  2. Limited resources. Private schools may have limited resources compared to public schools which can be a problem for families who want their children to receive a high-quality education.
  3. In private schools there’s is high rate school fee’s payment.
  4. The students may have a smaller range of subjects they can pursue.
  5. Choice and flexibility. They provide higher quality and safer environments. So, consider these benefits of a private school before making your choice.

In conclusion, Public schools depend primari- ly on local, state, and federal government funds, while private schools are usually supported by tuition payments and sometimes by funds from other nonpublic sources such as religious organizations, endowments, grants, and charitable donations. That’s the differences and similarities between public schools and private schools.


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