There are a lot of poor performance in school now, but there are causes of poor performance in school which is going to be mentioned below. Poor performance in school will reduce your dignity as a person, because if question is thrown to you can’t defend yourself or in public can’t say a word. It is a disgrace to everyone who’s poor academically. Below are the causes of poor performance in School.

Note: there is no job for you, if you did not perform well academically.

Causes of poor performance in school

  • Lack of understanding: If you are unable to understand a text after reading, without asking question to your teacher or anyone who can understand, it will cause of poor performance in school.
  • Doubt: Doubt is another thing that destroy people’s feature, it will double minded all the time and weakness in your heart. Doubt is a giant that stays on the border of the success to terrify and make students who are marching on to success afraid. Doubt defeats the belief system and desire for success and as such, success is hindered. Doubt always defeats its victim, a doubter is a loser and is bound to lose as his future is all darkness, defeat and average performance.
  • Incomplete reading material: Due to incomplete reading material, it will deprive you many things you need to know. Many students fail their WAEC, NECO, and JAMB because there’s inadequate reading material. Students who have adequate study materials and more focus will likely excel more than those who do not have such.
  • Discouragement: Many students fail their examination because of discouragement from another or from friends. Discouragement set in when there are problems in the lives of the students.
  • Lack of concentration: students are no longer concentrated in anything concerning their academic pursuit.

Note: failure to concentrate in your academic pursuit will degrade you and your image.

  • Too much friends: Influence of friends and too much friends will reduce your interest in your academic pursuit and set your mind in another thing, instead of achieving your goal.
  • Lack of trust in god: When students rely on their own ability, they are planning to fail. More often, students experience retarded success or poor academic performance because they refuse to hook on to the Author of success – God.
  • Financial Constraint: Financial constraint is one of the factors inhibiting students’ performance in their studies. When there is no money to buy textbooks and other study materials needed to reach the pinnacle of success, outcome is often an average performance.
  • Laziness: Some students find it difficult to study because of laziness and lack of zeal to study.

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Tips to be a good performance in school

  1. Set a goal: setting a goal is one the key to academic success.
  2. Take note: Taking notes will help you at the revision and exam stage.
  3. Regular class attendance: Study better — pay attention and participate in class, sit in the front and take notes if they help. Do your homework and practice the exercises on the text.
  4. Consult your teachers: Your teachers knows best than you, so it’s worth talking to them when you’re drawing up a plan of action for improving your grades.
  5. Improve your brain and memory: Many students struggle to remember all the information they need for exams, and this brings their grades down. With so much to learn across many subjects, remembering facts, figures and arguments is a pretty monumental task, and you need to arm yourself with some effective memory aids to help you.
  6. Avoid procrastination: procrastination is another disease that hinders a person from progressing academically. If you always procrastinate, it will be difficult for you to study.
  7. Give more your time: You have to give extra time, if you want to be successful. If you’re achieving lower scores than you’d hoped for on timed tests or mock exams, it could be because you’re not allowing enough time for revising for them.
  8. Improve your writing skills: Another common reason for academic underperformance is that the student’s essay-writing skills aren’t sufficient for the level required to achieve top grades. This is fairly easily fixed by improving your essay-writing technique. Good essay technique covers all aspects of essay-writing, from the research phase to the final proofread, and even how you respond to the feedback you get for your essays.
  9. Listen to your teacher in the class: If you are prone to daydreaming in class. It is the time to give your ear and listen to your teacher.
  10. Rest and sleep: Rest and sleep is important in human health. It reduces the amount of stress and weakness in the body .

Disadvantages of having poor performance in school

  1. Students low standard of living.
  2. Inadequate communication
  3. No respect and recognition for the students.
  4. Lack of participation in school activities.
  5. Dropout.

Finally, having a good performance in school always encourage parents to sponsor your education without double minded. It also encourage you to work hard over it.


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