Do you want to know if you can write Waec twice. The answer depends on your capability, whether you can write once or twice or more than that.

It is possible to write Waec twice, if only you want to study further more into university level, but if you don’t have the vision of education; you can quit and fight for your way. Before you achieve that there must be an obstacle you need to overcome then you can be able to apply for higher education.

For you to be considered for admission into any Nigerian university, you need at least 5 credit passes including maths and English language. Some even think that when once you fail WAEC that’s the end of the road for you That will never be admitted again  into a higher institution. Not at all!

No doubt, the secondary school is one of the most vital education that prepares students for what’s ahead and to shapen students to become a career person. Just like the BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) that is required for candidates to be offered admission into secondary schools, so also is the WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) required by secondary students to be admitted into the university.

In this page, the main target is not for BECE but for WASSCE- the question you ought to ask yourself is how can I read so that you can cannot write your WAEC twice. It is a great honour if you write your WAEC once and enter into university level. At one point in time, all students in Nigeria have written WAEC. Therefore, the name should not be new to anyone in Nigeria. WAEC is an acronym for the West Africa Examination Council. Understand that WAEC is not meant for only Nigeria’s alone such as Ghana, Liberia- Monrovia, and other west African countries also write the exams), it is an exam used to test the intellectual skills of a student to know if you are qualified for university education level.

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WAEC grading system

75% – 100% – A1 = Excellent

70% – 74% – B2 = Very good

65% – 69% – B3 = Good

60% – 64% – C4 = Credit

55% – 59% – C5 = Credit

50% – 54% – C6 = Credit

45% – 49% – D7 = Pass

40% – 45% – E8 = Pass

0% – 39% – F9 = Fail

From the grade point above, you can see that you need at least 75% to be able to get A1 in any subject. Also, unlike most internal examinations that has a cut-off pass mark of 50%, you can get a pass in WAEC with a score of just 40%. However, your target should not be on getting a pass (40% – 49%) because it won’t be enough to secure your admission into tertiary institutions.

If one can be able to get at least 5 credit in his or her exam including English and mathematics is qualified to seek for admission into university. Moreover, if your department is science students there’s much need in chemistry, physics, and biology including English and mathematics. Then if you are an art students you need commerce, Economics, and Government including English and mathematics etc.

After writing your WAEC, the examination council assign your scripts to external markers from all over the country to mark your scripts. Once that is done, everything is compiled and posted on their website so that students that can know how they perform. While every student’s desire is to write WAEC once and for all, that is not always the case because some students may have to take the exam again due to poor grades or grades not good enough to compete with other candidates. So what next if you failed WAEC?

What makes students fail their exams

  1. Lack of studies. If you fail to study so that you can understand what you are reading, that means you are acknowledging failure in your exam. The more you study, the more you receive new knowledge.
  2. Lack of understanding. It is necessary that you understand a particular portion of your text. If you fail to understand means you can’t be to write.
  3. Lack of interest and concentration. This is another obstacle that bridges a student from making his or her exam, this make your mind to be far from what is happening; that means you be distracted.
  4. Lack of vocabulary. This leads to difficulty in understanding questions and selecting the correct answers.
  5. Poor exam techniques. These can all lead to a bad day in the school exam hall. Let’s see how to avoid them.

Tips to help you pass your WAEC

  • Abstain from distraction: If you want make your exam excellently you have do away with anything distractions.
  • Have your own studying strategy: when once you get the syllabus for each subject, draw out your own study strategy or timetable that will help you cover all the subjects needed to be studied before the exam.
  • Keep fighting: No matter how boring it may be at first, do not give up studying. The results for hard work is always sweet if only you can keep on fighting till the end. If you have the dream of becoming a professional in a certain field, never get discouraged because your first WAEC results were not good enough. No matter how difficult or hard it may be keep on fighting until you reach to your goal.

In conclusion, if you did not do well in your first try, there are opportunities for you to resit for the exam again. Get a teacher on Superprof today to prepare you for your examinations either online or face-to-face learning. However, follow the instructions given to you in this page.


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