Hello! Welcome to this page. Are you so anxious to know the kind or the best businesses that a student can do in Nigeria.

The fact is they’re many businesses that people do for a living.

One problem that people have is when they another one doing a business that is paying you much money, they will try to enter into that business without knowing that it may not favour the as it favour other one.

For you to get what want in life, the first thing you have to do is to follow the directions of your mind, second make plans on how to achieve it.

The 5 Best Businesses to do as a student in Nigeria

The following businesses that a student in Nigeria have to do are listed below. Which are:

  1. Blogging business: This simply implies writing an article, photo, other forms of content and publishing them on a website. Through this article you can get more knowledge from it and develop it, people can learn something from it. As a student in Nigeria you will get money from it so that it enable you pay your school fee’s and do some other things.
  2. Freelancing business: If you are a freelancer, you earns money by being hired to work on different jobs for short periods of time rather than by having a permanent job with one employer. They deals with wages per job for short term work.
  3. Graphic design business: These are people that create visual concept using computer software or by hand to communicate messages. Through this creativity you expand your knowledge and be more educated. They are responsible for production design such as advertisment, brochures, magazines, and reports.
  4. Forex trading business: This is another businesses that is pay money to students, so that you can be able carry out your projects. They have the capacity to take profit and looses also. If you can be able to handle crypto currency then you can handle forex trading because they function in the same way, but the only difference is that they trade coin in cryptocurrency. If you the interest of furthering your education, you should learn how to do forex trading.
  5. Website designing business: These are the people that is responsible for building and web design agency helping local businesses or foreign businesses build websites.

They are so many other businesses which is available for you as a student to do. Such include:

  • Photography business: is another hobby to turn into an easy source of income. It is a craft, hobby and business you can practice at your leisure time.
  • Social media management business: They’re responsible for advertisment through social media like television, radio, magazine etc.
  • Affiliate marketing businesses: is earning a commission from selling other peoples goods or services.
  • Laundry businesses: They’re responsible for washing of clothes, drying, and ironing
  • Baking businesses: These include baking of cake, fish roll, meat pie, pin nut and the rest of them. They are the one in charge of making birthday cake, traditional wedding, wedding cake, and others.
  • Event planner
  • Catering service
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Dropshipping
  • Haircut
  • Cleaning services
  • Hair making
  • Tailoring
  • Bead making
  • Boutique business
  • Tutoring
  • Computer repair etc.

These above businesses is the kind of business a student in Nigeria can do in order to carry out his or her project.

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Advantages of Blogging businesses

  • It increases visibility and brand awareness.
  • It enables to improve the search engine ranking.
  • It makes you learn and  personal growth.
  • Cost effective marketing strategy.
  • Positioning as an industry authority.
  • Building Stronger Relationships and Engagement.
  • It encourage students to express their ideas.
  • It makes the students to be creative.
  • It develop confidence in writing.
  • Blogging business helps students to work on their online presence and become reflective in their learning as well.

Disadvantages of Blogging businesses

  • It makes you feel lonely.
  • Economy condition.
  • You can’t work when you are sick.
  • It distract the from his or educational stay.
  • It can take your time and time of your studies.

Importance of Blogging businesses

  • It helps you share company news.
  • It also afford the medium to share their company news  and stories.
  • Blogging create relevant content to increase website traffic.
  • It is a great way to keep website update with fresh content.
  • It also helps you strengthen your brand identity.

Advantages of freelancing businesses

  1. It will allow you to work with multiple clients simultaneously.
  2. It enables you to spread your source of income.
  3. It will give you an opportunity to earn money.
  4. There is no office politics.
  5. Self management.

Disadvantages of freelancing businesses

  1. Some of your clients might be late payers.
  2. Lack of benefits
  3. Variable workloads and income.
  4. Lack of job security.
  5. You don’t get paid when you go on holiday or when you’re sick.

Importance of freelancing businesses

  1. Having the freedom to work from home or other unconventional workspaces.
  2. A flexible work schedule, and a better work/life balance.
  3. It allows workers to build their client base and successfully grow their own businesses.
  4. It offers range of personal growth.
  5. Flexibility.

Advantages of Graphic design businesses

  1. It helps to build brand identity.
  2. It makes your for people to know the owner of the brand.
  3. You can make a decent money.
  4. It make use of creative and analytical brain
  5. It enables brand awareness.

Disadvantages of Graphic design businesses

  1. You must meet clients specifications.
  2. It has deadline.
  3. Often work alone.
  4. It has limited promotion opportunities.
  5. Mostly behind a computer.

Importance of Graphic design businesses

  1.  It makes something look good.
  2. It organizes information to help deliver a message in the most impactful way possible.
  3. It is a powerful mode of communication.
  4. It build creditability.
  5. It create much impression.

Advantages of forex trading businesses

  1. It gives Innovative and have higher income.
  2. There is much productivity.
  3. Benefit from tax-efficient products like CFDs.
  4. Go long or short.
  5. Choose from a wide range of currency pairs.
  6. Hedge with forex.
  7. Trade around the clock.

Disadvantages of forex trading businesses

  1. High volubility
  2. Difficulty in predicting price movement.
  3. High leverage.

Importance of forex trading businesses

  • Forex markets are the largest in terms of daily trading volume globally and therefore offer the most liquidity.
  • This makes it easy to enter and exit a position in any major currency within a fraction of a second for a small spread in most market conditions.

Advantages of website designing businesses

  1. It gives a Good First Impression.
  2. It is a means of advertisment
  3. Helps You Rank on Search Engines like Google.
  4. Makes You Seem Credible and Approachable.
  5. It helps to Get Leads and Convert Sales.

Disadvantages of website designing businesses

  • One of the disadvantages is that, it has a limited E- commerce functionality.
  • Missing Key Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Elements.
  • Cookie-Cutter Template Selection.
  • The Website Doesn’t Quite Look “Right”
  • It take longer time.
  • It gives bad user experience.

Importance of website designing businesses

  • It helps you form a good impression on your prospective customer.
  • It can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions.
  • It provides good user experience and helps your website visitors access and navigate your website with ease.

Advantages of Baking businesses

  • It makes business flexible and scalable.
  • It enhances some nutrients and makes the protein in some food easier to digest.
  • Control your ingredients.
  • It brings back old memories.
  • It improves your appetite.

Disadvantages of Baking businesses

  • It requires a range of equipment.
  • You need extra ingredients
  • It consume time.

Importance of Baking businesses

  • It helps to bring back memories.
  • It stimulate senses.
  • It improves appetit.
  • It create much relationship between the producer and the consumer.

Finally, if you can be able to do one of these above mentioned five businesses, you can be able to carry out your projects without complaining.


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